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Teresa Krage
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City: Denver
Phone : 720-962-8840
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Mixed Media
Pastel on Paper


My goal is to have people enjoy glass art as much as I do.
My style is to use multiple layers of glass to create a 3 dimensional look. This is very challenging for me because it is never the same, which makes each piece unique.

Selected Group Exhibits

"Glass at the Gardens" 27th annual glass show at Botanic Gardens in Denver, CO 2006
Won 2nd place in Warm Category for "Chrysalis", Won Honorable Mention for "Pinna", "Sunflower Madness" & "White Blaze"
Won Best Theme award for "Chrysalis"
“The ABC of Glass”, Mostly Glass Gallery, Wheaton Village, N.J. 2005
“Glass at the Gardens”, 25th annual glass show at Botanic Gardens in Denver, CO 2004
Won 1st place Best Frit painting for a piece called “Early Rise”, “The Artist Choice”, Lakewood Cultural Center in Lakewood, CO
Merit award - Fused landscape called “Early Autumn”, – 2004
“Rhythms of the West” Artwork featured on the cover of Jefferson’s County Newspaper 2004


Grand Lake Art Gallery ~ Grand Lake, CO
Arlene Siegel Gallery - Santa Fe, NM
Lakewood Culture Center – Lakewood, CO

Permanente Display

Time Warner Corporate Office. Broomfield, CO

Continuing Education

I am always looking for new ways to present my visions. I seek out classes to learn techniques for mixed media pieces.

2006 Bullseye Glass Studio - Exploration of glass with Christy Corbett
2005 Bullseye BECon – Lost Wax for Kiln Casting with Linda Ethier
2005 Corning, NY – Kiln Casting for Architectural Applications with Gerry Newcomb
2005 Bella Glass – Fusing Frit Imagery & Precious Metal Leaf with Richard La Londe
2005 Bullseye Glass Studio – Juried Class with Catharine Newell.
2004 Corning, NY – Thinking, Painting, Fusing with Roger Thomas
2004 Corning, NY– Painting the Void: Sandblasting and Vitreous painting with Denise Stillwaggon Leone
2003 Bullseye Glass Studio – Painting with Light
Continuing Education (cont’d)

2003 Bullseye Glass Studio - Pate De Verre
2003 Firehouse – Expanding the glass palette with Roger Thomas
2003 Firehouse – Beginning sandblasting
2003 Grey Parrot – Bead making
2002 Bashful Rainbow – Beginning Stained Glass
2002 Bullseye Glass Studio – Basic plate making
2001 Jack Pines Studios – Beginning Hot Glass


2007 Bashful Rainbow – Inclusions

The technique I utilize in my works is called "Painting with Light" which was first developed by Narciso Quagliata.
Painting with Light means that you add colored frits, which are small pieces of glass on top of a base sheet of glass.
I keep adding more layers of glass until I have reached the ideal colors and texture I am seeking.
I normally use opals for my starting point when working face up and translucent when working face down.

When I work face up, I create the background first then add in trees other features in my landscapes. Recently I have been adding kiln cast elements to my pieces. I find this gives me even more depth. On an average, landscapes that I create this way have been fired at least seven times.

When I’m working on my face down landscapes, I work on the components like my aspen trees first.
I then add in the background colors to add depth and finish the back with an opal, usually French Vanilla.
These are normally only fired three to four times and are much thicker than the face up landscapes.

I get my ideas for my landscapes from Mountain biking in Colorado and hiking through the aspens. I work from photographs and from memory.

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